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Klaas Zondervan, Esq.

Probate Lawyer & Genealogist

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Areas of law / specific situations our firm can be of assistance in (non exhaustive)

• Legal advice regarding the acceptance, settlement and distribution of the estate;

• determining whether an executor is acting within his scope of competence;

• collecting a monetary claim you have in your capacity of creditor of the estate or an heir;

• acting as a subsitute executor/administrator or certified liquidator by proxy (SCE);

• acting as a court appointed liquidator;

• locating and recovering misappropriated property on behalf of Jewish families.

Acting as your representative before the cantonal court

• In order to determine the size of a claim deriving from the passing of the first parent;

• to be granted the power to execute an act of conveyance and consumption;

• in order to have the executor/administrator relieved of his duties;

• for the heirs to be granted the power of disposition;

• with regard to the executor determining which assets are to be sold and in what fashion;

• to have the court set a date before which a share of the estate has to be accepted;

• to be given permission to accept the inheritance under the benefit of inventory;

• in order for the court to set a date before which a legacy has to be accepted;

• to have the court determine whether the assets exceed the debts.

Legwork and practicalities

• Selling real estate in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium and paying off mortgages;

• closing or opening bank accounts and transferring funds;

• selling equity portfolios or buying stock on your behalf;

• dealing with the Dutch Tax Authority regarding income tax and inheritance tax;

• arranging for disbursement of life insurance policies and representation.