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Klaas Zondervan, Esq.

Probate Lawyer & Genealogist

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Klaas Zondervan, Esq. (Leeuwarden, 1981) is registered as a lawyer with the Dutch Association of Legal Advisors (NVRA) - on whose board he served between 2018 and 2021 - and advocates for the rights of (descendants of) emigrants and expats of Dutch descent, who are or may be entitled to inherit from Dutch estates.


Having completed the Specialist Training in Estate Planning and Specialist Training in Estate Liquidation, he has thorough knowledge of the Dutch Civil Code in general, and the inheritance law in particular. He often acts as a court appointed liquidator in 'troublesome' estates. Having been sworn in as a translator English at the District Court of The Hague as well, he has no difficulty conversing with you in either Dutch or English. Lastly, Klaas is the expert of the Dutch reality TV-series 'De Erfgenaam' ['The Heir'].